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Edward Fuels is your number one choice when it comes to Oil Heat. Whether you are looking for oil delivered directly to your home, or interested in our selection of oil heat appliances we have you covered. Our team of experts can design, service and maintain a cost effective oil heat system that is right for you. Partnered with the Canadian Oil Heat Association since 1976 our team of oil heat service technicians and drivers are fully qualified and trained for the most modern and energy saving oil heat appliances.
If you are interested in our distribution of fuel oil contact:

Scott Kernighan
Distribution Manager
Phone : 519-524-8386
Email: scottkernighan@edwardfuels.com

If you have any questions, concerns, or are interested in learning more about Oil Heat contact:

Brandon Dykxhoorn
HVAC Manager
Phone: 519-524-8386
Email: brandondykxhoorn@edwardfuels.com

Qualified Dealer for:

Qualitfied Dealer for Roth Qualitfied Dealer for Granby Qualitfied Dealer for John Wood Qualitfied Dealer for Olsen