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Are you looking for fuels and products delivered directly to your farm? Edward Fuels carries a full line of farm fuels and products. With direct deliveries, keep full options and 24/7 availability. Edward Fuels can also design storage and handling systems that are just right for your farm. Don’t forget to ask how we can help you save money with our line of specialty products.


Shell Diesel Extra

Choosing a reliable and high quality diesel fuel supplier is critical to your business. When your tank is empty, we can offer you high quality diesel fuel on the road, and in bulk, delivered to you or picked up. By using Shell Diesel Extra you can expect to save fuel over the lifetime of the vehicle by up to 3%, prevent fuel system corrosion, reduce fall off in performance, reduce maintenance costs, and lower emissions and smoke. Edward Fuels offers this specialty product in both commercial clear diesel as well as marked diesel. Learn More


For all farm fuel inquiries please contact:

Scott Kernighan
Distribution Manager
Phone : 519-524-8386