Winter Tips for Propane Customers

Check your tank levels often. The gauge located under the yellow lid will tell you what percentage of propane you have remaining in your tank. Contact us when at 30% to allow adequate time to arrange for delivery. Severe winter storms and the resulting road conditions may interfere with propane deliveries for several days.

Make sure laneways are marked and clear of snow. Keeping your laneway marked and clear of snow ensures access to your tanks and the safety of our drivers.

Keep a clear path to and around your propane tank. A clear path helps our drivers get to your tank easily and safely, fill it quickly and move on to the next delivery.

Make sure appliance vents are clear of snow. The buildup of snow and ice can block your furnace or other fuel burning appliance vents causing them to stop working. This blockage can also cause harmful carbon monoxide to become trapped in your home.

Do not operate outdoor fuel burning appliances indoors. Even if the power goes out do not operate stoves, barbeques or generators indoors or in enclosed areas. Without proper ventilation carbon monoxide fumes can build up causing carbon monoxide poisoning or death.

Contact us immediately if you run out or smell propane. A common sign of a run out is being able to smell propane. That being said, if you do smell propane please use caution and follow these steps:

  • Put out all smoking materials and open flames.
  • Do not operate lights, appliances or phones that may cause an electric spark.
  • Go outside or away from the area you suspect the leak.
  • If safe to do so, open windows and shut off the main gas supply valve by turning it to the right (clockwise).
  • Report the leak to us immediately from a safe place. If you cannot reach us, call 911.
  • A qualified technician must check your system for leaks before turning the gas back on. Do not return to the area until a technician or emergency responder gives the OK.