Winter Safety Tips

Make sure appliance vents are clear of snow. The buildup of snow and ice can block your furnace or other fuel burning appliance vents causing them to stop working. This blockage can also cause harmful carbon monoxide to be become trapped in your home.

Seasonal or unoccupied residences should be checked regularly. Loss of heat can cause pipes to freeze resulting in costly damages. If you plan to be away for any length of time – whether you’re on vacation, out of town for the weekend, have a seasonal cottage or unoccupied rental property; it’s your responsibility to have someone checking the property.

Make sure driveways are marked and clear of snow and there is a clear path to your tank/fill pipe to ensure our drivers can access and fill them easily and safely. 

Severe winter weather and road conditions can interfere with our ability to make deliveries. We ask Manual delivery customers to please check tanks levels regularly to give us adequate time to arrange delivery.