Notice: Ethanol-Blended Gasoline


 Shell Canada will be introducing ethanol-blended regular (Bronze) gasoline effective January 13, 2020 in the area supplied by their Sarnia refinery to continue to meet Ontario Greener Gasoline mandates. This transition will not affect your delivery schedule, however there are a few concerns that we want to make you aware of;

  • Older vehicles/machinery may require additional maintenance when using ethanol-blended gasoline (EBG) and the owner’s manual should be consulted. EBG should never be used as an aviation fuel and is not recommended for 2-stroke engines or marine applications.

  • Ethanol-blended gasoline can loosen rust, dirt or sediment that has built up on the walls of your tank. Before your first delivery of blended gasoline to your tank, Edward Fuels recommends proper filtration and can help ensure you have the proper filtration system in place to maintain product quality. We suggest that after your delivery waiting at least 30 minutes before pumping to allow settle time.

  • It is important that storage systems always remain water free as EBG is more susceptible to water contamination, called phase separation.

  • Edward Fuels will have replacement filters specifically designed for EBG available for purchase at our offices. These filters can detect, slow down/lock out for phase separation. They also offer high performance particulate removal.

If you are looking for an alternative, our premium Shell V-Power® gasoline will be remain ethanol-free and offers added protection and performance benefits. 

If you have any questions, please free feel to contact us.